SEVANI means to 'serve the Earth unconditionally'. With its rich and profound Dharmic teachings, scriptures, history, arts and knowledge spanning from ancient to modern times across millennia, the Indian sub-continent has stood the test of time as arguably the world’s spiritual fountain. SEVANI is committed to serving Dharmic spiritual and cultural resources, digital content, network infrastructures, services, charity and support across our global communities.

Why we are relevant today

As humanity gradually evolves and along with it the world around us, we all find ourselves impacted by the globalised landscape that surrounds our everyday living. More and more of us are reaching out to embrace a 'spiritual' perspective on life, and are increasingly thinking about the so-called 'bigger picture'. Technology, science and innovation all enrich and benefit our lives in so many ways yet many of humankind’s most pertinent questions remain unanswered. Could most of us be overlooking the very essence of our self-being or what is known as our 'inner consciousness'? Think of SEVANI as an Internet protocol which uses technology to carry and serve Dharmic information from the tech to the self-being. This makes us very relevant in today's digital revolution.

Our Philosophy

The SEVANI philosophy is one of simplicity. We believe through the new age mechanism of the digital interaction, we are able to co-operate as a single network of writers, publishers, artists, professionals, crafters, philosophers, clerics, suppliers, traders, support workers, and all those who generate, support, vend or promote spiritual and cultural resources of various Dharmic faiths, beliefs, schools, cultures, tribes and regions.

Our Purpose

SEVANI is a fresh, new initiative conceived for a single purpose - to provide a unified framework of Dharmic spiritual and cultural content - which travels through technology to serve one's inner conscience. With its rich and profound teachings, scriptures, history, arts and knowledge repository spanning from ancient Vedic to modernistic times across millennia, the Indian sub-continent has stood the test of time as a primary source of all things good for one's spiritual-awareness, well-being, and prosperity. SEVANI recognises this dynamic in this information age. There are and will be many such resources of literature and 'materials' this great region of our Earth serves to the global population. Our vision is to be one such major resource provider.

The Digital Revolution

Today multitudes of Dharmic resources and digital content is increasingly being hosted by popular social media providers, content management platforms, spiritual organisations, blog/vlog sites, charities, forums, auction engines, retail sites and online stores. We at SEVANI are both excited and inspired to see this growing phenomenon, however, we believe much more is yet to be done to broaden the reach and access to vast arrays of Dharmic resources, of which much remains untapped in the 21st century.

A Network that Serves

SEVANI has arrived to expand, diversify and drive ‘the network’ to begin excavating, constructing, facilitating and dispensing Dharmic spiritual and cultural resources. Our holistic objective is and always will be to progressively foster and serve the modern Dharmic way of life. As mentioned earlier, the initiative is a relatively new one, and indeed our fountain’s flow may take a while to build up full momentum, but building up it is. SEVANI is here to serve.


'At SEVANI, we build only the best digital resources in the world to help advance Dharma'

Sunjeev Kumar, Founder & CEO

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